Werkudoro Double Decker Bus – Solo Surakarta City Tour On An Open Top Sightseeing Bus

Since 2011 Solo Surakrata local government released a new transportation called Werkudoro. Actually, Werkudoro is a new double Decker bus which is used as a new transportation for Solo Surakarta city tour. Werkudoro Double Decker Bus is an open top sightseeing bus; the bus’ design allows passengers to enjoy the city view from different angle. Anyone could ride on the open top sightseeing Werkudoro Double Decker Bus for a Solo Surakarta city tour only for Rp 20.000. Where you could find Werkudoro Double Decker Bus? If you like to have Solo Surakarta city tour by riding Werkudoro Double Decker Bus, just come to Solo Surakarta Department of Transportation office which is located at Jalan Menteri Supeno No 7 Solo Surakarta Indonesia.

Photo: Surakarta.go.id

Werkudoro Double Decker Bus has several routes for a public city tour, but if you like to have your own route and your own Solo Surakarta city tour; Werkudoro Double Decker Bus is open for rent. Like other city tour bus in the world, Werkudoro Double Decker Bus could be easily recognized on its red dress. It stands on 4.5 meters tall with comfortable seats and friendly guide. It has an open-and-close top which could be adjusted by passengers. Some sights along the Werkudoro Double Decker Bus route are Surakarta Kasunanan Palace, Kampung batik Kauman, kampung Batik Laweyan, Mangkunegaran Palace, Radya Pustaka Museum, Galabo, Solo Surakarta City Hall, etc.

Other recommended Solo Surakarta city tour transportations are Jaladara Steam Train, Solo Batik Trans Bus, Andong (Horse-drawn Carriage), and Becak (Pedicab).

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