T-land Rote Island Indonesia Surfing Sport Travel Destination

With one of largest coastal lines, Indonesia has many surf spots. Maybe you have known the G-land of Grajagan Bay, Alas Purwo National Park, East Java, or beach in Nias Island. If you have intermediate surf until expert level, you can try T-land break in Rote Island. Rote Island is one of Indonesia surfing sport travel destination with uniqueness waves for surf and cultural tourism object. T-land is one of the longest (600ft-200m) and most perfect waves in Indonesia surfing sport travel destination. The T-land of Rote Island has quality and consistency allows you to surf from 2ft (0,5m) to 15ft (5m).

T-land Rote Island quality consistency surfing
Indonesia surf spot rote island kupang NTT

May to October in dry season is best time to visit Rote Island, especially Nemberala beach where exposed reef break or known as T-land exist. Every year at September until October, there is International Surf Competition held in this Indonesia surfing sport travel destination. The surf waves of T-Land in Rote Island are similar in that the long, flat reef is broken into four sections: the Point, the Steeple, Magic Mountain, and Inner Tubes.

T-land Rote Island Indonesia Surfing Sport Travel Destination

How to reach this Rote Island that becomes this Indonesia surfing sport travel destination?

From Denpasar, Bali, you can fly to Kupang in East Timor Province (NTT=Nusa Tenggara Timur). From Kupang, go to Pelabuhan Laut Tenau where you can find Kupang Rote Ferry. The ferry will take you to Rote island, and welcome to one of best Indonesia surfing sport travel destination.

Tips to travel in Rote Island:

1. Always provide bottled water to drink and easy to carry.

2. Sunscreen or sunblock should always be taken and used as needed in this area because the air is very hot even though the wind blew quite refreshing

3. You should also bring anti-mosquito protection.

4. Provide enough money for this place where ATM is quite rare.

5. Always use the services of a guide from your hotel or place to stay.

Photo by: nemberalabeachresort.com and www.rotendaokab.go.id

Address GPS:-10.882534, 122.837105

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