Solo Surakarta Daylight Culinary Tour: Krengseng Kambing Bengawan Makamhaji

If you would like to know better about the Solo Surakarta traditional culinary perhaps you should find type of cuisines that could only be found anywhere else but Solo Surakarta Indonesia. This time we’ll share some information about Solo Surakarta Indonesia, what kind of food that Solonese like most? Solonese and people that live around Solo Surakarta like to eat foods that use meat on the bone as its main ingredient. Usually they used the meat on the bone of chicken, goat, duck, and cow. Typically this kind of ingredient could be found on foods like krengseng kambing, tengkleng, rica-rica, gudeg cakar (cakar = chicken’s leg), or cooked chicken’s heads and legs.

Photo: Andika F. Putri

One recommended place to eat those kinds of food is in Warung Sate Kambing Bengawan Makamhaji (kambing = goat) that is located in Jalan Joko Tingkir, Makamhaji, across the Lapangan Makamhaji. Warung Sate Kambing Bengawan Makamhaji is the best place to visit in Solo Surakarta Indonesia, it offers different kinds of food that use mutton as its main ingredient. One of their best foods in the menu is krengseng kambing. Krengseng kambing Bengawan uses meat-on-the-bone of goat as its main ingredient. It’s sweet, tasty, and hot! This kind of food is very famous in Solo Surakarta Indonesia because it has a strong flavor and it takes different eating manner to finish a plate of krengseng kambing. If you have a plate of mutton, you only need to slice, chew, and swallow it. But if you have a plate of krengseng kambing Bengawan for lunch, you need to split the meat from its bone first by using your teeth or hands before you could chew and swallow it! You’ll use both of your hands a lot! This kind of eating manner is very common for people in Solo Surakarta Indonesia. They use to call it as tithil-tithil or ngereki balungan (balungan = bones).

Almost every part of bones in goat could be used as the ingredient, as long as it has piece of meat on it. Or else, people could use soft bones of goat, like the goat’s ears, legs, nose, etc. People cook krengseng kambing by stir frying some boiled meat on the bone with the seasonings. Usually they use onion, garlic, soy sauce, galangal, bay leaves, chili, and pepper for the seasonings. It is very cheap to have a plate of krengseng kambing Bengawan. You’ll only need to pay Rp 10.000 for a plate of krengseng kambing Bengawan. It is better if you have krengseng kambing Bengawan for a lunch, it will be yummier! So, if you would like to have delicious traditional lunch while spending vacation in Solo Surakarta Indonesia you only have to ask your travel advisor to drive you to Warung Sate Kambing Bengawan Makamhaji. Don’t be hesitate to taste the delicious hot krengseng kambing Bengawan from Solo Surakarta Indonesia and put it on your Solo Surakarta Indonesia travel plan.

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