Solo Batik Fashion 2012 – The Annual Batik Fashion Show In Solo

Batik could be said as one of the remarkable cloth in Indonesia, especially in Solo and Jogjakarta. Most people in Solo and Jogjakarta say that batik is not only “just” traditional cloth but also notable conceptualization of universe. Perhaps this is why Solo and Jogjakarta known as the capital city of batik cloth.

Photo: Andika F Putri

Nowadays batik cloth could be differentiated into two categories which are traditional batik and stamped batik. Batik cloth which is traditionally made using manual outline penciled waxing and wax-resist dyeing techniques is much more expensive than the stamped batik. This is just short story about traditional batik cloth but it has connection to the annual event of batik fashion show in Solo.

The annual fashion show named as Solo Batik Fashion and it has been held four times. The last fashion show was run on last 13-15 July 2012. The special story about this fashion show is that Solo Batik Fashion only uses traditional waxing batik cloth as the fabric. Solo Batik Fashion 2012 was held in Gladak area. About 20 meters long cat walk stage were built and 32 batik designers around the city were invited.

Batik is a well known cloth that is used to make a formal dress both for male or female in Indonesia. But in Solo Batik Fashion 2012, you’ll never know what batik cloth could be after it was treated by designers. Here you could find beautiful casual cocktail batik dresses, hijab batik gown, wedding batik gown, batik blazer, and more.

This year’s fashion show named the theme as “Echo Rejuvenation”. Almost all of the batik patterns shown in the fashion show were brand new pattern. This theme not only want to lift designer creativity in making batik motifs and patterns but also raise people’s concern of the liquid waste of batik cloth production. As it was known that batik cloth is one of the biggest commodity of textile industries in Solo and traditional batik cloth industries are the friendliest industry toward environment because it uses natural substances like leaves or roots as the natural dyes materials.

Photo: Andika F Putri
Photo: Andika F Putri
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