Solo Batik Carnival 2012 – Metamorphosis of Batik

Batik is a traditional fabric with a unique traditional motif from Solo Surakarta Indonesia.

One of the biggest cultural events in Solo Surakarta is Solo Batik Carnival. Solo Batik Carnival or SBC is an annual event that uses batik as the main concept to mark the event as well as the city. Since the first carnival in 2008, Solo Batik Carnival has been shown up in every vacation package to Solo Surakarta Indonesia in many different Indonesia tourism websites. It becomes one of the most famous Indonesia tourism object and Solo Surakarta vacation package. Solo Batik Carnival 2012 falls on Saturday, June 30th, this 2012. Like the previous Solo Batik Carnival, Solo Batik Carnival 2012 will take the same route along the Slamet Riyadi Street. Solo Batik Carnival 2012 will be started from Solo Center Point area and finish at Solo Surakarta City Hall. A performance stage will be built inside the Sriwedari Stadium, where all the main performances like the Solo Batik Carnival 2012 fashion show will be performed.

Photo: Andika F. Putri

There are 6.800 tickets distributed for Solo Batik Carnival 2012. If you wish to have one of those tickets to see Solo Batik Carnival 2012 it’s already available from now. You could buy it online directly from Solo Batik Carnival 2012 official website or book it via hotels or travel agencies. Usually, hotels in Solo Surakarta sell a tour packet whenever Solo Batik Carnival is being held in the city. The main theme of Solo Batik Carnival will be different from year to year. Solo Batik Carnival 2012’s theme is “Metamorphosis”. The participants of the carnival will be divided into several groups. Each group will have to show different costumes and designs and each group will show different level in a process of making batik, from plain fabric until it becomes batik.

Like in any other carnival, the unique part of Solo Batik Carnival is the costume. Batik may become the main material and the main concept but there will be other materials used here. Every costume in Solo Batik Carnival is unique and different. Its design and concept is something else. It may look like robot, monster, animal, plant, etc, and it also looks heavy. But if we take a look closer will find out that they use some scraps as the materials for the costume. So, Solo Batik Carnival not only wants to show how batik has become a great thing in Solo Surakarta but also wants to show how we could recycle things.

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