Prambanan Temple: One Of Best Indonesia Tourism Object

There is a Hindus biggest temple complex in Southeast Asia beside Angkor Wat called Prambanan Temples, located in Indonesia. This temple complex is one of best Indonesia tourism object. Prambanan Temples is a complex of Hindus temples in East Jogjakarta. About 17 km from Jogjakarta city centre, between Jawa Tengah (Central Java) Province and DIY province’s border. Many Indonesia travel agents include the Prambanan temple with Borobudur temple in their Indonesia travel packages, especially if you want to go to Jogjakarta. This religious complex became the masterpiece of Hindu’s culture in early 9-10 AD. The original name is Shiva-ghra (The House of Shiva). At the beginning it used as a place for religious ceremony activities of Mataram Hindus Royal (Medang Kingdom). It built in the reign of Rakai Pikatan, King of Mataram Kuno (Medang) Kingdom and be expanded by his successor.

Prambanan Temple trip vacation object

What can you see on this Jogjakarta tourism object?

Its originaly consist of 240 temples with mandala patern and Hindus architecture based on Wastu Sastra Holy Book. But there are a lot of perwara temples that has not been yet restored. You can enjoy 18 temples including 3 major temples which has been completely refurbished. Siwa Temple, the main temple has 47 meter high, and 34 meter on wide, 5 meter taller than Borobudur temple, that also one of the best Indonesia tourism object. The Prambanan temples decorated by naratif relief which tells about Ramayana and Krisnayana epic.

The list of Prambanan temples complexs :

1. 3 timurti temples : Siwa, Wisnu, and Brahma temple

2. 3 wahana temples : Nandi, Garuda, and Angsa temple

3. 2 apit temples : located berween Trimurti and wahana temples on north and south

4. kelir temples : located in 4 directions of the compass behind the entrance page or the core zone

5. 4 patok temples : located in 4 corner of the page or the core zone

6. 224 perwara temples : structured in 4 consentris line with the amount of innermosttothe outermostrow 44, 52, 60,68.

Indonesia Tourism Object Prambanan Temple

As far, Prambanan Temple still used as a place to hold Hindu religious ceremonies. FYI: hindu in Indonesia called as Hindu Dharma. The religious ceremony that definitely held in this temple is Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony. A sacred ceremony on the occasion of Nyepi (day of silence) that would held a day before it. The calculation of Hari Nyepi based on Saka calendar. Make sure you can schedule your tour of Indonesia vacation during Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony, because you will able to see double joy, see the magnificent temple that become best Indonesia tourism object and enjoy one of Indonesia culture.

How to reach the Prambanan Temple?

Its easy to reach Prambanan Temple from the centre of Yogyakarta city, DIY province, Indonesia. You can use Transjogja, a public bus by simply paying Rp.3.000,-. After reaching Transjogja shelter in Prambanan city, you can just go on foot or use becak or andong as far as 1 km to get the portal of Prambanan Temple complex. You can also use taxi from Jogjakarta town. And there are a lot of tour operator that combines the Indonesia tour packages of Prambanan and Borobudur temple. So, enjoy this one of best Indonesia tourism object.

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Prambanan temple GPS Coordinate: S7°45’7.1″ E110°29’28.1″

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