Daylight Traditional Culinary Tour: Nasi Timlo Sastro Solo

Information for the reader of this article: Why do we use ‘daylight’ in the title as an adverbial time? It is because Solo Surakarta has lots of traditional food that is sold along 24 hours. It won’t be hard to find stalls sell food anywhere and anytime around the city. One of the best Solo cuisines that you could taste while visiting Solo Surakarta Indonesia is Nasi Timlo Solo. Tasting Nasi Timlo Solo will be a great agenda for a daylight culinary traditional tour. According to a famous Indonesian culinary expert, Bondan Winarno, Nasi Timlo Solo could be considered as a soup. Since 1960s, Nasi Timlo Solo had been recognized by Solonese. This traditional cuisine is well known for its fresh sauce which is gained by the use of red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and also soy sauce as the main seasoning. Nasi Timlo usually served in a bowl, and in a bowl of Timlo you’ll find the composition of sliced offal, sliced egg rolls, sliced Solo sausage, vermicelli, sliced of boiled egg that is cooked with soy sauce, shred chicken, and in some places you might find mushroom and sliced carrots. Solonese usually eats Timlo with a plate of rice. The thin hot fresh and clear sauce will mixed perfectly with the food composition with an extra fried onions. Like other traditional foods, Nasi Timlo Solo becomes the must-eating traditional culinary object for most travelers and tourists. If you like to find a similar cuisine to Nasi Timlo in Solo that would be Nasi Soto. The famous stall that sells Nasi Timlo Solo is Nasi Timlo Sastro Solo. You could find Nasi Timlo Sastro Solo in the east side of Pasar Gede Solo parking area. A traditional culinary tour would be a great additional tourism experience for you, it won’t be complete when you haven’t flush your tongue with the taste of traditional food in Solo and it will be a special worth doing experience with a cheap cost only.

Photo: Andika F. Putri

The famous stalls that sell Nasi Timlo Solo may open in daylight, but if you like to have it for dinner you could find some stalls that sell it around the Mangkunegaran Palace. Some recommended traditional culinary places to get a nice experience in tasting Solo Surakarta cuisine are Timlo Sastro Solo in Pasar Gede or Timlo Sastro Solo in Penumping, RM Timlo Solo at Jalan Oerip Soemohardjo No. 94, or Timlo Maestro in Nonongan, Solo. You need to remember that Nasi Timlo Solo isn’t the only inexpensive traditional cuisine that you could taste in Solo Surakarta Indonesia!

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