Magnificent Solo Batik Carnival V

Last week one of the biggest carnivals in Solo, Surakarta, was held along the Slamet Riyadi Street. Thousands of people gathered down the street to watch this magnificent once a year carnival. This year’s carnival was the fifth carnival of batik and called as the carnival of “Metamorphosis of Batik”.

Unlike the previous Solo Batik Carnival which took only Slamet Riyadi Street as its venue, this year’s Solo Batik Carnival V was held inside and outside Sriwedari Stadium at night. The performance inside the stadium was started from 7 pm and started to go along the street of Slamet Riyadi at 9 pm.

There were 250 participants joined the Solo Batik Carnival. They wore unique and beautiful dresses which describe the process of batik production. The first group was children group and behind them was Meta I group. Meta I wore unique white striped costume which describes the basic process of making batik. Meta II until Meta III described the wax dyeing and coloration processes until it becomes batik cloth.

People’s attention was pointed to the carnival as the participants walked along the street. They were dancing, swinging, and acting like characters of animation with their costumes. They stopped when people wave at them and asked them for a photograph. Live music was dragged along the street which makes this year carnival different from any others.

Upcoming event: Kretakencana World Music Festival, July, 4-8th, 2012.

Photo: Rizal
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