Kretakencana World Music Festival 2012

Kretakencana is the Indonesian for carriage.

Many people may know Solo Surakarta as city of carnival in Indonesia. It has Solo Batik Carnival, Suro Carnival, Pakubuwono Birthday Carnival, and so many others. Besides all of those carnivals actually Solo has two cultural events that has been held for years. These two cultural events are Solo International Performing Art (SIPA) and Solo International Ethnic Music Festival (SIEM).

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Solo International Ethnic Music Festival or SIEM is once in two years music festival. The next music festival should be held in this July 2012. Some affairs that happen lately inside the committee forced the committee of SIEM festival declined this July festival and the next festival will be held in September 2012. But don’t be too disappointed for those who have been waiting for the ethnic music festival in this July 2012 because a same music festival is held, right now! with different name only. You could have Kretakencana World Music Festival this July 2012!

Kretakencana World Music Festival is held right now from 4 July 2012 and will be ended at 8 July 2012. This music festival not only brings Indonesia ethnic musician like Balawan from Bali but also some famous international ethnic musician like Dr Avijit Ghosh from India, Jamal Mohamed from USA, and Rhythm de Pasion from Singapore.

This ethnic music festival is held in Colomadu Sugar Mill Manufactory, Karanganyar, Indonesia, and 10 minutes only from Solo Surakarta Indonesia. The five days festival is a free of charge festival where you could enjoy it every night in Solo. What you could expect from this Kretakencana World Music Festival is not only the rhythm of the music but also the environment of the stage location. The stage location is a historical site of sugar mill that was built during the colonial. The huge old white building is used as its background where lights and laser played on it.

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