Jathilan Ancient Javanese Folk Dance of Indonesia

jathilan folk traditional dance indonesia

Here is Jathilan, an ancient Javanese folk dance of Indonesia. The interesting and excitement to watch this ancient Javanese folk dance is when dancers are getting trance and possessed. While getting trance and possessed, the Jathilan dancers will act like crazy and even do extreme activities, such as eat broken/pieces glass, coconut skinning using their teeth, etc. But not every show which is held always has extreme activities. Like these videos below, although the dancers possessed by powerful spirit, they just act like crazy.

The Jathilan, ancient Javanese folk dance seem flat and monotone both dance movement and its musical accompaniment, jathilan actually has deep meaning and interpretation. In outline, this Jathilan ancient Javanese folk dance presented a resistant movement of marginal community.

jathilan ritual traditional dance indonesia
woman traditional dancer indonesia tourism

At certain times, Jathilan ancient Javanese folk dance held in Indonesia tourism objects. For Javanese people especially in the villages, they still hold Jathilan show both personal and villages cultural events. For Javanese people, Jathilan held as part of antidote disaster ceremony. In ancient times, Jathilan is ritual dance to call horses’ spirit. They hope that horses’ spirit can protect all of villages and bring success/lucky of harvest.

The pictures below show you process of how the shamans emerge dancers from their altered state:

Jathilan Ancient Javanese Folk Dance Indonesia
shaman Ancient Javanese Folk Dance
man dancer Ancient Javanese Folk Dance
trance dancer jathilan Ancient Javanese Folk Dance
shaman cure dancer Ancient Javanese Folk Dance
jathilan villages Ancient Javanese Folk Dance
jathilan tourims attraction indonesia
sajen jathilan traditional dance indonesia

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