Festival Jenang Solo

Jenang is a Javanese word for porridge

Festival Jenang Solo is held at Ngarsopuran, a day before Solo, Surakarta, celebrates its birthday. At this festival free porridge will be given to all the attendances. In this festival you could taste various kind of traditional porridge which basically made from rice. There will be jenang lemu, jenang susur, chicken porridge, jenang mote, etc. This porridge festival symbolized diversity in Solo and also in Indonesia. There will be many porridge served in this festival which symbolize the diversity while the crowd of people in this festival symbolized unity. Kids, teenagers, or even elderly attend this culinary festival. Solo Porridge Festival could be a great tourism event to see while you are on vacation at Solo Surakarta. Its easy to reach Ngarsopuran as this place is located in downtown and near to Mangkunegaran Palace or Triwindu Antique Market.

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