Daylight Traditional Culinary Tour: Es Dawet Telasih Bu Dermi Pasar Gede

One cannot think well or else sleep well, if one has not tried the local food while going abroad.

Solo Surakarta Indonesia is a well known city for its sweet and savory food recipes, its tasty cuisines. It is a great place for tourist to find best things to do while going vacation to Indonesia. Solo also has a great traditional recipe of beverage, and one of them is called es dawet, it’s a cheap one. If you like to have one, just call your trip advisor to drive you here for your traditional culinary tour. The famous one is es dawet telasih Bu Dermi which located inside the Pasar Gede Solo. Bu Dermi’s stall is located inside the Pasar Gede building; it’s small and only has one long wooden chair that is able to accommodate 3-4 people, a very Indonesian street vendors like. They might sell their beverage in a small stall, but almost every day many people queue just to get a cup of es dawet. And for some local tourists, es dawet telasih Bu Dermi is a cheap vacation destination when they are staying in Solo Surakarta. They sell their beverage Rp 5,000/cup and open almost every day from early morning till noon. What make Bu Dermi’s es dawet special are the ingredients used to make a cup of es dawet. There are so many ingredients used here, like dawet as the main ingredient, ketan merah, jenang sum-sum, tapai ketan hijau, sliced jackfruit, and telasih. All of the ingredients placed in a cup and mixed with coconut milk with an extra brown sugar liquid and of course some ice cubes.

Photo: Andika F. Putri

Dawet is an agar-agar-like made from rice flour with a special color of green. The color of dawet is gained from pandan leaf used in the process. Then ketan merah is a-cooked-red glutinous-rice or red sticky rice, while tapai ketan hijau is a green-colored-fermented-glutinous-rice. Bubur sum-sum or sum-sum porridge that has a real soft texture is a-cooked-rice-flour with an extra coconut milk. The special ingredient is the telasih. Telasih is a-cooked-kemangi-beans; kemangi is an Ocimum or Basilikum plant which grows only in South East Asia countries.

Es dawet telasih Bu Dermi has been known for years as it known today’s as one of the traditional culinary tour objects. Today’s seller is the third generation of Bu Dermi. If you like to drink a cup of her es dawet, just come to Pasar Gede in a sunny daytime. Es dawet telasih Bu Dermi is just one of the traditional beverages you should try while going to Pasar Gede Solo or on vacation to Solo Surakarta Indonesia.

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